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About Me

Greetings! My name is Clorinda Vido.

I am an artist living in Winston-Salem, NC.  

I like to make creative art while teaching students the Animation and Art.


Facts about Me 

  • I am originally from the beautiful and historic small town of Beaufort, SC. 

  • Aside from making art and teaching students, I am an avid traveler.

  • My favorite periods of Art History are Expressionism, Impressionism, Medieval and the Renaissance.

  • My amount of movie, music, comics, TV series, and video games knowledge would scare you. 

  • My favorite film genres are Action, Comedy, Sci-fi, and Horror.

  • I use music to help me meditate and keep calm. 

  • One of my favorite things to teach is Color Theory.

  • Following a southern tradition to be named after a relative, I am named after my great-great maternal grandmother, Clorinda Papillion. 

  • I prefer to go by Chloe, Cloe, or Clo. 

  • I like to bring in Pop culture references to help explain the Principles of Animation, Fundamentals of Art and Art History to students. 



Contact Me