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"Clorinda Vido was definitely my favorite teacher this semester. I have recommended her to several of my classmates and I am very excited to have her again next semester!"

"I like the freedom we are given to experiment and try new things."

"She is the best teacher I have ever had. She doesn't just read from a book, she will sit with students one on one and help them understand the subject we are studying and will walk us though it step by step. I don't think I can draw very well at all and she encourages us to work hard. She sees improvement in my work even if I can't tell."

"Great instructor. Very knowledgeable of art skills and art history. Always provides assistance to students when needed."

"She's a wonderful teacher who, even though she's relatively new to the teaching scene, she knows what she's doing and is kind and friendly. She's one of my favorite teachers so far."

"The strengths are that Chloe is there by my side to help with what I need. I do have a hard time understanding certain directions or even terms but she explains them well."

-The above quotes were directly taken from students' critiques of me.